Hi - We're Sponge!

We're on a mission to lead the pack in digital learning, to truly leave a legacy that our clients value and our people can be proud of. The learning sector is experiencing incredible growth, with clients placing ever-growing importance in human capital and we're growing to ensure we can continue to be at the forefront of innovation!

In November 2019, Aliter Capital brought together the leading, cutting-edge technology expertise of Bolt Learning and the award-winning creative expertise of Sponge to establish a new corporate learning group. Today our unified business operates under our single, refreshed Sponge brand.

In 2020, our family grew with the addition of microlearning experts Skill Pill, which continues to operate as a specialist brand. Also, during this year, a partnership was established with Temple Grange Partners, a leading financial crime and compliance (FCC) consultancy practice, to support the creation and development of innovative elearning solutions.

The Group has in 2021 established its compliance arm, Sponge Compliance, to expand its offering in European-related compliance elearning solutions. With offices in the UK, Berlin and Brussels, Sponge Group will now have an operating presence in the EU, enabling further growth and strengthening our library of market leading, ready-to-go compliance-related content.

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Pushing the boundaries of digital learning

Together, we use creativity, learning science and technology to deliver powerful, effective and comprehensive digital learning solutions that push the boundaries of what's possible for the world’s leading brands.

With the new Sponge offering, it signals a new chapter. To truly leave a legacy, we're combining our skills to create even more powerful, even more effective learning.

And so, our exciting story continues.