Bespoke Microsite Development

Increasingly, organisations need to find new ways to meet the needs of hard-to-reach people – both inside and outside their organisation.

Sometimes there is a gap to fill which can’t be met by a solution hosted on your LMS, and there’s a portability issue with online content in areas without Wi-Fi. Bespoke microsites can be created by our Bespoke Software Development team who are ready to address the needs of learning initiatives that don’t fit the mould.

When might bespoke microsite development be the answer?

  • For pre-boarders to get a head start on their induction
  • For external contractors that sit beyond your Learning Management System
  • For customers who need to learn about your products
  • For suppliers who need to understand your products

Bespoke microsites as part of a learning blend

When designing training initiatives, all aspects of the learning experience need to be considered. What is the learner journey and how do people engage with content, coaches and each other? We work with you to develop holistic solutions that take into account the first and last touchpoints your learning will have with the audience.

A bespoke microsite or learning portal may be one of the first touchpoints in your digital learning blend and your employees, customers or suppliers will make a judgement about your company based on their experience. We care that this is a positive one and developing a bespoke microsite allows you to provide a consistent and considered first impression.

Build a better experience.

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