Bespoke Serious Games for Innovative Workplace Learning

Are you serious about games for learning? Our bespoke serious games are made for challenge, mastery and fun.

How do we improve skills? Or practise using new information? Serious games are a great choice for learning when we need people to practise certain tasks over and over again to build muscle memory and deepen retention.

Bespoke games can be created for training topics such as cybersecurity, threat detection and risk mitigation, project and resource management, or even getting to know company acronyms.

When business growth or the safety and success of your organisation are critical, it is vital to find methods to get your workforce clued up.

That’s where bespoke serious games for corporate training come in.


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Benefits of serious games

Serious games are fun and rewarding

Serious games work brilliantly as a mix of digital learning within a blend or campaign or as a standalone interactive experience, on mobile or desktop. Learning through bespoke serious games is an effective way to onboard (and impress) new recruits. It provides an opportunity to capture their attention and communicate your values with maximum impact.

Game-based elearning reinforces knowledge

As games place repetition practice at their core, they are effective at reinforcing knowledge. They provide a safe space for practising through trial and error which is especially useful if you plan to introduce new processes or meet new regulations.

Games support application

Games can play a vital role in supporting adults to apply their learning in a real-world environment. Unlike learning that tells people what to do, games provide a chance to experience the doing. As a result, real-world confidence is increased because learners have encountered – and solved – a given situation multiple times.

Why choose Sponge for bespoke serious games?


Our team was trained by Karl Kapp – a thought leader in games for learning and the gamification of training – in game design and creation. We have expertise in learning theory and creating bespoke serious games and a proven track record of blending the two to create impact.

Our bespoke serious games featuring the latest learning technologies are playable on multiple devices and work across platforms. Spark, our gamification-ready Learning Management System, can host, monitor and report on the success on your gamified learning campaign.


From the start, we’ll partner with you and your subject matter experts to conceptualise, develop and produce the right game for the right topic. Critically, we dig in on context ensuring that practice scenarios are aligned to the real-world situation to support transfer.


We always go one step further when it comes to aesthetics, with our illustrators and designers creating contemporary, on-brand themes. Music and sound effects take on an important feedback role in user experience and we’ve got you covered here too with sound expertise and access to thousands of tracks and effects.


We have rigorous QA, device-testing and user-testing protocols to maintain high quality. And we’ll work with you to decide where’s best to deploy and integrate the game within your wider digital learning ecosystem.

Let's get serious about games.

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