Bespoke Simulation Development for Digital Learning

Decision making is a highly sought-after business competency, and leaders in particular are expected to make balanced judgements often with partial information and under time pressure. Learning simulations support critical skill-building in a realistic context.

Our bespoke digital learning simulations are developed to accurately replicate the realistic scenarios people face in their work life. They are a safe environment to assess information, collaborate with others, make decisions in a given situation and experience the consequences.

Business simulations offer a range of benefits, including:

  • Uniting remote workers in a multi-player scenario – valuable in the current climate
  • Providing real-time assessment data for in-depth feedback
  • Employees experience different roles, increasing empathy across your operation
  • Boosting real-world confidence and competence through practice in a controlled environment
  • Recreating high-pressure situations mimics the real-world, enhancing transfer
  • A deeper understanding of your wider strategic picture

Simulations deepen learning through collaboration

Successful business simulation exercises don’t just teach learners about the scenarios they’re facing, they show them how they can work together to solve problems.

Research has found that benefits of cooperation include promotion of critical thinking, involving people actively in their own learning, increasing motivation, building diverse understanding and establishing a positive atmosphere for modelling cooperation.

A simulation lets learners work together to achieve the best results. Learning from a colleague’s approach to a situation and their knowledge of the industry is insightful and offers the potential to probe further and ask questions.

Cooperation across different teams that don’t usually work together enables knowledge sharing that isn’t otherwise possible. Critical thinking, teamwork and other soft skills all improve when learners take part in a well-designed bespoke digital learning simulation.

Achieve unprecedented engagement with Sponge’s bespoke business simulation development

By mixing elements of cooperation, competition and decision-making with feedback and repetition, Sponge creates bespoke digital learning simulations that leverage gamification, modern technology and media.

Key elements we incorporate into your bespoke simulations include:

  • The recreation of realistic business challenges unique to your organisation
  • A blend of physical tasks and advanced technology to create maximum impact
  • Dynamic elements of competitive challenges to amplify engagement
  • Continual testing throughout development to hone the gameplay
  • Compelling imagery and video to enhance the learner experience
  • Game data and reporting to add value to the feedback stage

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