Bespoke Digital Learning Translations for a Global Workforce

When delivering global learning, you need it to be effective in all locations and across multiple languages. Translations that are flexible, smart and accurate are vital. We can support in translating digital learning seamlessly and at exceptional quality.

Benefits of working with us for your elearning translation

Developed with translation top-of-mind

We’ve got vast experience of delivering global learning projects and our team of learning experience designers are skilled at writing for a diverse audience to ensure your courses are appropriate cross-culturally and accommodate regional nuances and versions. We consider the practicalities too in our design; leaving space for longer languages, avoiding text embedded in images, and using clear unambiguous language – even if the content is complex, technical or regulated.

All content types translated – even voiceover

If your solution uses our authoring tool, Ignite, you’ll benefit from intelligent technology we’ve developed to make the process of translating content easy and efficient – significantly reducing translation time and improving cost efficiency.

It seamlessly translates text, video subtitles and voiceovers and all other module content, by combining the power of smart technology and human expertise. Our elearning translation partners have more than 4,000 native speaking linguistic specialists with a minimum of five years’ experience, across 60 countries.


Assisting stakeholders throughout

We know that getting sign-off from your local business partners is a critical factor when it comes to translation timescales. Our Project Management team work closely with you to identify key personnel, explain the process, liaise on availability and support as needed. Sometimes, the human touch makes all the difference in getting projects over the line – super valuable when your translation is linked to a product launch or business-critical initiative.

Reach employees across the world.

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