Bring Learning to Life with Bespoke Video & Animation Development

People love video. But how can it be leveraged for learning? We create effective bespoke video and animation to explain and illustrate, to connect and build empathy, to immerse and involve.

Video is a core component of learning delivery. Here are some of the ways we can include bespoke video and animation development in your learning experience.

Convey learning concepts quickly

Explainer animations offer vivid, succinct and easy-to-remember explanations of concepts and topics. Bespoke videos can be used to explain complex topics, corporate strategies, department tactics, task instructions, product overviews and more.

Brings authentic business locations to life

What does your finance department think happens in your manufacturing department? Video makes it possible for all employees, everywhere, to see your company in an authentic light, increasing awareness and empathy for what you do.

Allows decision-making practice in context

Practice is critical for learning and consolidation. We create powerful interactive videos with branched decision-making scenarios for people to explore and practise using knowledge and making judgements.

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Provides a reference point

Videos are an effective tool within a microlearning strategy, providing short (under 5 minutes) support materials to refer to in the flow of work. Our videos are mobile friendly and our partnership with Skill Pill means we have many high-quality videos ready-to-go.

Stimulates empathy and provokes conversations

If you are interested in shifting culture, building dialogue and breaking the mould, we develop empathy videos to create social learning opportunities and affect change.

Offers social, episodic content

Does your corporate social platform form part of your learning strategy? Maybe it can work harder for your learners. A series of regular, episodic videos or animations can hook your audience and fit their busy schedules.

Enables sharing of expertise

You’ve got so much expertise in your company. We work with organisations to find and capture it, from filming experts to helping stimulate user generated content to boost peer-to-peer learning.

Why choose Sponge for your bespoke video and animation development?

At Sponge, we combine our broad range of film and visual capabilities with our award-winning learning experience design and development expertise to create impactful video and animation. Although we're not solely an elearning video company, we recognise the great power of visual storytelling when it comes to engaging your learners.


We create high-quality productions with strong learning outcomes. Any professional design agency can deliver a glossy video; where we shine is producing relevant, focused content that meets business needs and overcomes learner challenges.

Consultative approach

We help you navigate the range of options within video and animation, from explainer videos to an episodic approach. We’ll work with you to choose the right style and format for your project.

Expert team  

Our multi-disciplinary team of scriptwriters, filmmakers, directors, animators and developers, work together to deliver a video and animation service of the highest quality, all under one roof.


We use our experience and expertise to help you identify the best people to appear in your learning videos, whether that’s your own people or actors. 


We have the capability and expertise to add layers of interaction and branching to our bespoke video and animation development – better supporting your learning.


When we create bespoke videos, we embrace your brand’s aesthetic, tone and values, to ensure an authentic experience for your learners.

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