Case Studies

  • AstraZeneca Ethics

    Sponge created a learning solution that transcended physical and cultural barriers and strengthened the company's values and ethical principles across the entire global workforce that makes up AstraZeneca.

  • Royal Mail

    Sponge brought learning to the doorstep for Royal Mail by creating a cost-effective Virtual Reality (VR) training solution, featuring realistic, experiential scenarios with a view to keeping employees safe from dog attacks.

  • AXA Customer Service

    Sponge’s multi award-winning customer service learning solution for AXA blended face-to-face training and digital games to meet learner needs for developing emotional intelligence and empathy skills in a busy customer service centre.

  • Coca Cola Brand Ambassadors

    Sponge came up with a gamification digital learning campaign that was fun and engaging, while also delivering consistent messages that would help increase product knowledge and boost confidence levels.

  • GSK Business Simulation

    Sponge developed an immersive business simulation that blends digital learning with a face-to-face experience to upskill new recruits in business decision-making at multinational pharmaceutical giant GSK.

  • Tesco Compliance Elearning

    Sponge’s award-winning compliance campaign delivering unprecedented levels of engagement for Tesco. Fun and easy to understand bite-sized modules encourage staff participation and healthy competition.

  • UN Communications

    Sponge brings consistent messaging and empowers the United Nations Population Fund's (UNFPA) international workforce to speak with a single voice through a bespoke comprehensive online training programme.

  • Toyota Onboarding

    Sponge took training up a gear for Toyota with a first-person interactive video onboarding solution that took new starters on an end-to-end journey to understand the whole customer story.


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