How to navigate the learning games maze

This guide shows you how games and gamification are helping organisations like yours achieve better results with their workplace learning.

Experts on learning games will guide you through the wide spectrum of game thinking, past real results from large companies, to practical advice on implementing games in your learning strategy.

“Games make learning ‘sticky’. They really suit compliance topics because they enable people to learn specific rules and behaviours through repetition and mastery, while enjoying the experience.”

Deborah Baird, Game producer at Sponge.

The guide includes sections on:

7 surprising facts about learning games

Key statistics on serious games and their benefits in the workplace. Perfect for building your case for using a game in your learning strategy.

What is a learning game?

Definitions of learning games, gamification and simulations and how each one applies to different situations in the workplace.

2. What can games teach?

Are serious games the right option for your needs? We've looked at the research and drawn from our own experience to highlight the areas where games and gamification excel.

3. Making the case for learning games

Our infographic rounds up the most compelling evidence from education and business games research so you can make your business case for using serious games.

4. Real life game inspiration

Find out how organisations are using the game thinking and techniques presented in the guide to deliver results in their training programmes.

5. How to integrate games into workplace learning

Serious games work best as part of a wider learning strategy. Learn how a workplace training game can fit into a new or existing training programme.

6. What the experts say

Hear from games and gamification experts on how games are changing the way employees learn.

7. The future of learning games

We're always looking at the next innovation and how it could play a part in the future of workplace learning, games are no exception. We've highlighted some of the most promising developments that will improve the effectiveness of serious games.

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