The power of games in elearning: engagement, mastery and…

engagement, mastery and empowerment

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Game-based learning is expected to quadruple by 2024 (Metaari). But beyond popularity, why are games worth adding to your elearning mix? What can games achieve for your organisation?

In this webinar, we’ll be considering the reasons why games are a powerful tool for accelerating learning, enhancing performance and contributing to positive behaviour change.

Join Jason Butler, Sponge’s award-winning Game Developer and Lucy Gibbs, our Innovation Producer, as they focus in on three key aspects of games that benefit both learners and businesses.

They’ll guide you through the theory underpinning games in elearning and illustrate best practice with real life examples from global companies.

In the webinar, Jason and Lucy will cover:

  • Different types of games within elearning
  • How games supercharge elearning engagement
  • Why games boost learning and mastery
  • The role of empowerment in elearning games
  • Uses cases and ideas for integrating games into your elearning mix

This interactive webinar will also include time for your questions on all aspects of games in elearning, so if there’s something you’ve always wanted to know, feel free to ask.

It’s free to attend the online event and everyone is welcome.

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