What impression does your website give?

It is the age-old question… what takes three to five seconds to break and years to fix? Answer: A first impression.

First impressions can be created through a combination of things, including, look, feel and smell. The saying don’t judge a book by its cover stems from this idea. However, books are not the only thing judged by their covers. Whether you want to admit it or not, your website gets the same treatment.

A Behaviour & Information Technology study found that it only takes 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) for a visitor to form an impression about a website and the subsequent business! For comparison, a human eye blink takes between 100 and 400 milliseconds, which is more than twice as long!

Your website is often the first interaction and impression a consumer has with your products or services, brand and organisation, but what kind of impression does it make? Does it convince potential customers that your products are of a high quality? Does it encourage consumers to get in touch? Does it convey trust and expertise?

A good first impression can result in a number of ways depending on your website’s purpose. For the most part, if visitors are presented with a fresh, professional and functional website, it suggests you take pride in your work and customer experience. Good first impressions lead to longer visit durations, which means the more time consumers are spending getting to know your organisation and your products or services.

Nonetheless, the look and feel is not everything when it comes to creating a positive and lasting first impression. A slow page load time, a lack of responsiveness, dysfunctional navigation and broken links all play a factor in building a visitor's first impression.

I would suggest that nearly everyone has experienced the feeling of landing on a website and having a negative first impression, whether it be about the products, services or the organisation as a whole. The worst part is that one bad or negative impression can keep visitors from returning to your site and being interested in your brand for a long period.

In addition, how does the first impression of your website differ across laptops, smartphones and tablets? It is a lot to think about and try to understand so why not leave it to us? The experts.

Together, we would love to help you make the perfect first impression, which accurately reflects your products, services and brand. After all, you only have 50 milliseconds to get it right!

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