Developing Authentic Learning for the Care Sector.

Welcome to our special ‘Learning Technologies’ edition of Expert Views. In this Q&A interview, Mark Story, Head of Learning Innovation at Newcross Healthcare, discusses how behavioural change can be achieved through immersive technology, authentic storytelling, and real-life characters.

People are at the centre of the care sector. It is therefore vital that learning and development content reflects this, by creating engaging, innovative, and, above all, authentic experiences.

Mark will be sharing the story of how Newcross Healthcare partnered with Sponge to bring its staff training to life at the Learning Technologies Conference. If you are planning your Conference itinerary, make sure to include the Newcross presentation – this session is particularly special. You’ll find all the key details below.

Watch the interview below for a taste of what's to come.

Developing learning that’s authentically human, through storytelling and insight.
13:55 – 15:05
Wednesday 4th May 
Conference Theatre 4

For more information about Mark's talk please visit Authenticity in learning.