Get Started with Learning Analytics: A Playbook for L&D Leaders at the Early Stages of Data Maturity.

Why this playbook?

There is a strong desire amongst learning leaders to boost data capability. It was shown to be a top five priority for L&D practitioners in 2022 and being able to demonstrate the value of learning programmes to stakeholders remains a strong focus.

We anticipate that the analytics discussion is here to stay until L&D leaders are confidently using data to routinely anticipate human capital risks, or prescribe proactive solutions to avoid them.

This playbook aims to support learning leaders looking to close the gap between the demand for meaningful data, and the ability to provide it.

What’s in this playbook?

This playbook offers tools and tips for advancing data capability, including:

  • An approach for assessing data maturity and tips to move it forward
  • Five key analytics and how to interpret them
  • Tips for communicating data findings with stakeholders

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Further reading.

This ebook accompanies the first two episodes of our ‘Expert Views’ interviews with Zach Romain, Head of Product Innovation, and Liz Hardwell, Head of Learning Strategy at Sponge.

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