Sales Enablement for the Digital Age: enhancing the foundational training programme for PayPal’s 1,000+ global sales team.

In this episode of Expert Views, Michele Larkey, Learning Experience Designer at PayPal, shares the experience of partnering with Sponge to deliver foundational sales training for a global team of 1000+ sales personnel. Read on for Michele’s advice for other tech companies looking to enhance their sales enablement training.

Sales enablement is critical for most businesses and a fast-evolving function. Rapid advances in technology have seen old practices fall by the wayside, as L&D leaders look to enhance their elearning to maintain a competitive advantage. Sales enablement is the suite of tools, content and resources provided to sales teams to help them sell smarter and more effectively. For large-scale organisations, in any competitive market, it is an essential focus to stay ahead of the curve.

For Michele’s team at PayPal, the focus over the past six months has been to design and develop a suite of foundational training to ensure all sales personnel have a solid and consistent knowledge of the products PayPal sells. The objectives were to:

  1. Upskill new starters and experienced staff, at speed.
  2. Develop a content library of short 15-minute elearning videos.
  3. Design an authentic and engaging learning experience that resonates with learners.

Watch the interview to learn more about PayPal’s partnership with Sponge, the training solution and programme roll-out. Stay tuned until the end for Michele’s top tips for delivering effective sales enablement in tech organisations.

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