Microlearning courses on how to be a hybrid worker now available

Hybrid Working provides the opportunity to do things differently and re-approach how we work. With organisation's around the world now preparing for hybrid workplaces, whether you’re an employee or a manager, you will most likely find yourself in a hybrid working situation. 

We partnered with Pam Hamiltion, author of Supercharged Teams: 30 Tools of Great Teamwork and The Workshop Book to bring you The Skill Pill Hybrid Working Pack to support organisations in making this change.

The Hybrid Working Bundle from Skill Pill includes:

  • How to be a Hybrid Worker 
  • Successfully Managing Hybrid Workers 
  • Engaging with People While Working Remotely 
  • Effective Virtual Meetings 
  • Working as Part of a Remote Team 
  • Managing Remote Teams 
  • Setting up a Remote Team 
  • Returning to the Office - Easing Anxiety and Improving Ways of Working 

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