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One of the most important and cost-effective steps you can take to increase the success of your omnichannel retailing strategy is to increase associate knowledge and enthusiasm.

In this knowledge brief, we look at how digital learning, microlearning and reinforcement work together to make your retail associates meet the needs of your customers.

Are you up to speed on omnichannel retail?

  • Knowledgeable staff are the number one factor in increasing the likelihood of purchase
  • Lack of employee training is the second largest barrier to a successful omnichannel strategy
  • 78% of customers want sales associates with a deep knowledge of the product but only 63% were satisfied with their experience
  • Consistency is key and having information available anywhere ensures everyone stays on message
  • Axonify delivers daily, bite-sized content that adapts to your employee and reinforces the knowledge they need most

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How does store associate knowledge power the retail store of the future?


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