5 Impactful Learning Approaches for a Hybrid Working World

Organisations and companies around the world are now adjusting to the new world of hybrid working. As we alter how we work with more remote working, collaborate differently, and find new ways to drive success, we also need to look at how we approach learning in the hybrid world. 

To help organisations re-examine their learning, Sponge’s Laura Hall has taken a look at 5 impactful learning approaches for a hybrid working world during her LTDX21 webinar. 

Discover more about these key five themes: 

  1. How a human-centred approach is the way to engage learners 
  2. How to build a cultural change though learning campaigns 
  3. The importance of taking into account the learners physical and virtual worlds 
  4. The role active learning techniques play in embedding cultural change 
  5. How user generated content can provide insights and spark conversations 

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