Five Things We Can Learn About Learning From... TikTok

TikTok reached almost 13m Brits during the first lockdown, up from just 5.4m in January 2020. This seismic adoption has caused an upsurge in short-form video sharing, a format the free platform is known for.

Sponge's Michelle Roodt, Learning designer of the year nominee, discussed this shift in content creation in a live webinar for LTDX21.

If you missed the live talk, you can download the presentation by filling out the form below.

In this download, you’ll learn:

  • How TikTok became so popular and why we should care
  • How short-form video is the new way to engage learners
  • Why multi-touchpoints trump the single learning module
  • The importance of tone of choice for connecting with our audience
  • How to build communities through learning campaigns

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