Enhance your L&D training with Sponge’s new Learning Science handbook.

From understanding how adults learn, to unlocking training techniques that capitalise on neuroscience, Sponge’s new handbook showcases the science of good learning to L&D leaders, managers, and design practitioners.

Thanks to recent developments in neuroimaging, we now know more about the human brain than ever before. As well as bringing countless medical benefits, this also means we can further our understanding of how we learn.

Building on our Learning Science Unpacked podcast series with Professor Paul Howard-Jones, this handbook explores the theory and practice of leveraging neuroscience within an L&D context. As well as gaining an understanding of the three brain processes that aid memory and recall, you will learn about evidence-based techniques for boosting learner engagement and creating memorable training experiences.

Enhance your workplace learning based on science.

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What’s in this handbook?

This handbook offers tools and tips for crafting the most effective learning in your workplace, exploring:

  • How adults learn: engagement, building knowledge, and consolidation.
  • The training techniques that really work (and the ones we should leave behind).
  • How to avoid common pitfalls that hamper learning and short-change organisations.

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