Webinar: My Year with a Neuroscientist - Scientific Insights Applied to Workplace Learning.

Have you ever wondered what real-world digital learning would look like if you took the combined influence from the complexities of neuroscience with the secrets of the learning brain?

Watch our recent webinar hosted by Learning & Performance Institute, where Kate Pasterfield, Learning Strategy Consultant at Sponge, unlocks the intricacies behind neuroscience and tells the story of how our podcast, Learning Science Unpacked, came to be. Based on her year-long discussion with Professor Paul Howard-Jones, an expert in educational neuroscience at the University of Bristol, Kate helps us unpack the deeper insights that we need, to gain an understanding of how learning works.

In this session Kate explores:

  • How workplace learning is guided by science.
  • A model that makes it easier to recall the fundamental process of learning.
  • Tips and examples on how you can apply the science to create more effective learning.