Top 5 Business Challenges for L&D in 2018

Get prepared for the challenges your business will face in 2018 and learn how L&D will be a powerful force in overcoming them.

The five challenges are supported by expert and peer insights, compelling statistics and valuable action points to get you started straight away.

"If 2017 seemed like a year of seismic change, then be prepared for even more in 2018." Louise Pasterfield Managing Director Sponge

The briefing includes sections on:


It’s not very often that every single organisation faces the same new compliance challenge. But in 2018 the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force. Our action points will help drive your strategy and make sure you're up to speed before GDPR's May launch date.


Many economies are facing low productivity rates, even when employment and working hours are rising. Get some clear pointers on how L&D can help tackle the productivity puzzle.

Customer experience

Customers are going to be more demanding in 2018, they will want more and better experiences when dealing with your employees.

Digital transformation

60% of executives admit they are lagging with their digital transformation and a fifth of firms are at risk in 2018 because of the failure of CEOs to act. Successful companies are leading in digital transformation, and L&D are a big driving force behind it.


Recognising, attracting and retaining talent is part of every leading organisations strategy, L&D will play an even bigger role in this critical business challenge in 2018.

Learn how to adjust your strategy to bring more value from the L&D function with the action points and peer insight in our briefing.

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