Watch the Webinar on 5 Techniques to Create a Buzz Around Your Learning Programmes.

During a recent webinar hosted by The Learning & Performance Institute, Gerry Griffin, Founder of Skill Pill, part of the Sponge group, revealed the five techniques he has found make a real difference in achieving a buzz around the roll out of learning content, winning a greater response from learner audiences.


  1. How to approach competency mapping 
  2. How to speak to individual motivations 
  3. Why you should treat your learners like consumers 
  4. The essential role of co-creation 
  5. How knowing your organisation is key to success

We've summarised these key concepts covered in the webinar into an infographic. Download this handy cheat-sheet and use it as an anchor for your campaign tactics each time you want to roll out new learning.

Download the infographic:
5 Techniques to Create a Buzz Around Your Learning Programmes

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