Back to the future: An invitation to learning in 2025

An invitation to learning in 2025

Double award-winning learning technologies designer, Kate Pasterfield, will be reprising her recent Learning Technologies Summer Forum ‘Back to the Future’ seminar – this time as a live webinar.

Kate, Head of Innovation at digital learning provider, Sponge, gave a tour of workplace learning in 2025 during her session at the event at London Olympia earlier this month. 

The live webinar on Wednesday, 28 June at 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM (GMT +1) is a chance for those who weren’t at the Summer Forum to also take the tour.

During the session, people will get an insight into emerging technologies, the changing workplace and the future of learning.

"Be prepared to challenge your assumptions about learning technologies, question your role in the new workplace and have a bit of fun along the way."


Kate Pasterfield Head of Innovation Sponge

“I’ll be guiding you through the new technology landscape, examining the implications for learning in the workplace and offering a path to finding the innovations that will be of most value to your organisation,” said Kate.

“Forward-thinking organisations are proactively monitoring developments to identify the technologies that will give them the edge. Learning & Development needs to do the same.

“Be prepared to challenge your assumptions about learning technologies, question your role in the new workplace and have a bit of fun along the way.”

During the webinar, which is free to attend, L&D professionals will discover:

  • The BIG change coming 
  • How to prepare
  • The dynamics of the 2025 workplace
  • Emerging learning technologies

Live webinar

Back to the future
An invitation to workplace learning in 2025
Wednesday, 28 June 2017
12:00 PM - 12:30 PM (GMT +1)

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In an article by Kate to accompany her seminar at the Summer Forum, she warned that those organisations who were thinking only in the present are in danger of being left behind: “If the workplace is undergoing rapid change, then workplace learning has to change too,” she said.

“But for those in charge of workplace learning, the challenge is far more urgent because we must be ahead of the time, all of the time.  For this reason, you need to be setting your sights on the future. Being in the present isn’t enough.

“The question therefore isn’t: ‘How do we prepare our employees for 2017-18 or 2018-19?’ Rather, it’s: ‘What do we do now, to ensure everyone in our organisation has all the skills and tools that they’ll need further down the line?”

In her webinar, Kate will be explaining why, thanks to technology, this is an era of great opportunity for developing potential in employees for the benefit of employer, learner and customer.

Kate Pasterfield is the gold winner of Learning Technologies Designer of the Year at the Learning Technologies Awards and bronze winner of Learning Professional of the Year at the Learning Awards.

She will also be presenting a seminar on mobile virtual reality (VR) at the Elearning Guild’s, enhanced realities conference, Realities360 in San Jose, California.  Her session, entitled, Making Immersive Learning Accessible with Mobile VR, takes place from 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM (PDT) on Wednesday, July 26, 2017.

Sponge is one of Europe’s leading providers of digital learning programmes. 

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