Learning Technologies Takeaways

Learning Technologies 2015 is a smorgasbord of seminars, addresses, workshops and networking.

We've picked a few morsels from Day One of the event:

Cathy-2BMoore.jpgSmart Scenarios

Leading instructional designer, Cathy Moore, shared her passion for scenario questions in a practical conference session called Building Smart Scenarios for Great Learning. She guided the audience through a series of steps to reveal how 'boring' questions can be transformed into something engaging and powerful. "Good scenarios change performance not just knowledge," said Moore. An 'anti-hand-out' of the session is available.


Elearning Games using Interactive Video

There was quite a crowd for Sponge's seminar 'Behind the Scenes: Creating elearning games using interactive video'. From the kernel of an idea, the step by step processes, right through to a live demonstration - the Sponge team revealed how interactive video is a versatile tool in elearning games with huge potential. There's another chance to catch the free session on Day Two (Jan 29) at 12:45 in Theatre 9.

Drone Technology


It's worth seeking out the drones being displayed by touchscreen software specialists, Pauley in the exhibition space. It's fascinating to get a closer look at such devices which until relatively recently were mainly used by the military. The challenge is to imagine how they might be used in the workplace or even in a learning context. And, no, you're not allowed to have a go at flying them - thankfully, that's left to the experts.

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