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Damit Sie die Kontrolle über Ihre Schulungen übernehmen können, hat Sponge hochmoderne Systeme entwickelt, die Ihre Lernstrategie sowohl umsetzen als auch ergänzen.

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Three key trends changing the shape of L&D.


In our first of four insights reports following Learning Technologies 2023, we look at the emerging trends that will impact the way L&D is implemented at your organisation.

Insights report

Emerging L&D trends.

Download the report to explore three L&D trends that are set to make an impact on your organisation:

  • Aligning skills with key business metrics by using analytics to demonstrate ROI.
  • Using competencies to create personalised learner pathways that line up with your organisations goals.
  • Creating learning environments and cultures that feel inclusive to those that work out of office.

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Technological developments, changes in attitudes as new generations enter and alter the world of work, and macro-economic inclinations all have great impacts on the emerging trends in the L&D space. In an ever-shifting landscape, it is vital for L&D teams to keep their fingers on the pulse of the changes and developments within the industry and adapt their learning offerings accordingly.

Keeping up with and addressing learning trends enables organisations to stay ahead of the curve via quality employee output and ingenuity. This is especially important in times of economic stress, as L&D teams are required to operate with lean resources while demonstrating consistent output and contribution to organisational growth. To that end, the integration of analytics and development of consistent learning metrics to measure KPIs and demonstrate ROI on learning initiatives are key themes throughout the report.

Download the report to find out more!