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Learning Performance Platform

Sponge helps you revolutionise your company’s training with the Learning Performance Platform – a premium analytics tool that measures the success of learning programmes against objectives chosen by you.

The Learning Performance Platform works seamlessly with Sponge’s learning solutions to study data from users and transform it into digestible insights. With a quick-look dashboard, customisable to your chosen metrics, learning managers can review results and visualisations in just a few seconds.


The richness of data collected enables a particularly detailed analysis of learning behaviours – so you can investigate how your programmes are working and where you need to iterate.

The hypothesis model.

Delve deeper into learning in your organisation.

The key strength of our Learning Performance Platform is that it can answer specific questions about your organisation’s learning by testing hypotheses against data from your trainees.

  • Find out if, where, and why learners disengage.
  • Review key learning markers in analytics.
  • Find out where there is risk in your business.
  • Our learning science experts can flag key findings and advise on action.
  • Use multiple modules to build a picture of your organisation’s learning culture.
How it works

Platform overview

The Learning Performance Platform uses sophisticated insights to show where learning is making the most impact, across any learning topic, enterprise-wide. 

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