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training consultancy.

Employees often struggle to connect with compliance training – especially when there is too much reliance on a “one size fits all” approach. But with Sponge, it doesn’t have to be that way. After gaining a deep, holistic understanding of your organisation’s compliance challenges, we use games, storytelling and immersive technologies to create custom elearning solutions that can be deployed anywhere in the world.

Global experience in compliance learning.

Compliance design.

What compliance programme works for you?

Once your compliance needs are determined, we can work closely with you to set up your compliance team within your organisation.

  • Support in selecting compliance advocates.
  • Advice on structures and processes.
  • Define interfaces with business partners.
  • Advice on documentation.
  • Custom compliance elearning modules.

Engage learners.

Rather than just lecturing learners, our programmes immerse and involve them with appealing, interactive content. 

Drive behaviour change.

Our courses focus on changing habits, not just transferring knowledge.

Digestible learning.

We use content with a high production value and straightforward language to engage learners.

Tracking and analysis.

We capture and process data to help you mitigate risk.

Want to know more about great compliance learning?

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