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Skill Building with
Skill Pills, by Sponge.

The economy of skills is now so business-critical that it has become synonymous with workplace learning. Sponge's answer? Skill Pills: a huge library of neatly packaged upskilling content, each surrounded by an ecosystem of adaptive learning tools such as quizzes, personalised reading, and assessments. Proven to double retention rates, with Skill Pills, you get skill-building that goes in one ear, and stays there forever...

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Double the rate of learning retention with our upskilling content


Boosts uptake of desired behaviours by one-fifth


Used in 168 countries, in over 20 languages, by 1m learners

Competency Mapping.

Expert responses to your skills ontologies and competency frameworks.

We have over 6000 learning objects in our digital learning library: these can be mapped to your organisation’s competencies and audience level. By curating off-the-shelf content to run parallel with your skills ontologies and competency frameworks, Sponge can help you bridge the relevant skills gaps.

  • Consultancy for competency mapping.
  • Establish critical learning objectives.
  • Create learning journeys towards mastery.
  • Less is more: get relevant content to the right people.

Skill Pills

Skill Pills are targeted packages of micro-learning that introduce a new skill and reinforce it through various tasks. The result is stable skill acquisition, creatively delivered through over 400 high-impact micro-learning courses.

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Unforgettable upskilling.

High quality.

Our upskilling content is derived from premium sources such as Pearson, Financial Times, and Kogan Page.

Better learning.

Sponge’s upskilling content can double information retention and increase uptake of behaviours by 20%.

1 million learners.

We have deployed learning to over 1 million learners in 168 countries.

Global brands.

Sponge has provided upskilling solutions to Airbus, American Express, Dell, and the BBC.

We partner with three leading publishers to source the highest quality content:

Solutions for building
power skills.

Sponge’s off-the-shelf sales and marketing content includes modules on closing the sale, negotiating effectively, motivating your sales force, and how to sell using body language – plus a huge range of further topics.

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Strategic leadership means more than anticipating problems – it requires a structured approach to succeed. Sponge courses introduce this to managers with topics such as roadmapping, SWOT analysis, and the language of strategy.

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Our off-the-shelf digital transformation courses include modules on how to create a successful digital transformation strategy, redefining effective leadership for the digital age, and the “dos and don’ts” of digital transformation leadership.

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Our content libraries offer courses on risk management, influencing decisions, tackling big decisions, and giving bad news – as well as useful group concepts such as Edward De Bono’s six thinking hats.

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Wellbeing is an increasingly important metric in every workplace. Our off-the-shelf content includes courses on hybrid working, returning to the office, overcoming fear, and building emotional resilience.

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Targeted elearning courses can often vastly improve business efficiency. Ours cover a vast range of skills including overseeing budgets, understanding financial accounting, maths for managers, and managing consultants effectively.

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Are you looking for targeted, out-of-the-box skills training?

Our off-the-shelf content packages could be the perfect solution for your needs.

Fast track (for high potentials).

Expert-crafted upskilling pathways.

The Fast Track Pack is aimed at fast-stream hires or management candidates who need specialist knowledge to progress to more demanding positions. Modules include:

  • Performance Management: Achieving Team Success.
  • Discover Agile Project Management.
  • How to Lead a Global Team.
  • Mastering The Skills of Strategic Thinking.
  • Promote Talent and Sponsorship.

Looking for a content partner?

With our extensive content libraries, Sponge partners with content aggregators, coaching companies, and learning platforms such as LMSs and LXPs. Our content comes from the best sources and is constantly updated and refreshed. If you are looking for market-leading content for your platform, speak to our partnerships team today.


Looking for a bespoke upskilling programme?

Many organisations have complex skills needs that demand a tailored approach. It could be a niche skills gap that you need filling, or an onboarding and induction programme that embeds particular behaviours early on. Whatever your requirements, Sponge can work with you to create a solution specially designed for your organisation and sector. 

Want to know more about skills training?

We’d love to hear from you with any questions about our unforgettable learning programmes.

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