Navigating Complex Training Problems with Experience

So, you need it creative, technologically seamless, delivered on all devices, translated, and rolled-out to everyone, preferably by the end of the week?! We love the challenge of a complex training problem and have geared our business up to support yours, so together, we achieve great things.

One thing we know about organisational learning – it's become more complex over the past decade. It used to be that you could create an elearning module, pop it on a SCORM LMS and call that a job done. Today, organisations have multiple platforms in their social and learning ecosystem and our industry has advanced its knowledge of effective strategies for optimum learning.

We help you navigate this complexity. We embrace the challenges that characterise global training rollouts, and make sure we’re solving them with insight, imagination and intelligence.

What kinds of complex training problems do we embrace?

Whilst no two projects are the same, we frequently encounter these training problems:

  • The ‘we need this learning, like, yesterday’ problem. Learning projects with very tight turnarounds are a reality for many companies, triggered by changes such as a new CEO, new product, brand, environmental initiative or responding to global events.
  • The ‘large-scale curriculum update’ problem. Projects of volume (50+ modules) require us to embrace a variety of learning and logistical challenges from co-ordinating multiple global stakeholders to keeping tight track of budgets, all whilst ensuring learning is effective.
  • The ‘we’ve already got a platform, but it doesn’t do X’ problem. Sometimes, an LMS is unable to provide the data leaders need, making it difficult to show the efficacy of a learning programme and investments harder to justify.
  • The ‘no dreary elearning, please’ problem. Many organisations have been left disappointed with elearning that is unimaginative, inflexible and ineffective, creating a poor impression on learners and diminishing potential returns.
  • The ‘some of our workforce isn’t based in an office’ problem. This raises complexity for organisations trying to serve an audience with limited device access, low or no bandwidth, or working in environments where it’s hard to step away for learning.
  • The ‘we need this in 28 languages’ problem. Organisations with globally distributed workforces need to ensure all staff can access culturally relevant training, delivered in the most cost-conscious way.
  • The 'we're in this for the long-term' problem. With one eye on the day-to-day, you have your other eye on the future and seek to evolve your programmes over time.

This list is not exhaustive and of course, you may be facing a combination of problems which enhances the complexity.

How do we embrace and solve complex training problems?

We take a human-centered approach, using tried and tested methods to understand the learner context, performance ambition and organisational goals. Here are some of the ways we collaborate to solve complexity:

  • Knowledgeable teams. Our teams are trained in performance consulting and use this and other methods to diagnose the real problem, and assist with learning strategy.
  • Dedicated experts. We can pull together dedicated teams for large-scale deliveries, with lead design experts to maintain content integrity, strong project management for continuity, and workshops to support your stakeholders.
  • Flexible, value-focused project approaches. We can work flexibly, tackling projects with a more agile and prototype-based delivery to meet tight deadlines. And, we'll always ensure we're adding value within your budget.
  • Deep technical knowledge. We have technical expertise in-house and excel in defining and deploying intelligent technology options tailored to deliver the data you need, wherever people are.
  • Powerfully creative. Want to know a secret? We don’t like boring elearning either. We’ve built a reputation for bringing creativity to our work in service of better learning, which suits learners and benefits clients who value their brand edge.
  • Global experience. We’ve delivered hundreds of projects in multiple languages, from highly regulated content to legal localisation. Our automated technologies and long-term relationships with translation partners help streamline this process.

Associate Director, Sustainability, Education​ and Engagement Lead, AstraZeneca

Louise Vamvoukaki

"From the outset Sponge were interested in us, understood what we were trying to do and shared our passion. ​​They wanted to show us something completely different, exciting and creative."

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