Customer Training - Learning to Achieve Success

Your customer training programme is an essential driver of product engagement and customer growth, and digital learning implemented across your suppliers helps streamline operations.

We support clients who have:

  • Complex products that require customer training before proper use
  • A diverse customer base in terms of needs, roles and locations
  • Regularly updated products or frequent launches
  • A variety of products that can be up-sold and cross-sold
  • Products that require extensive support
  • A large supplier base that needs to understand your processes

A quality customer training programme can have a huge impact on your business, significantly benefiting your organisation’s growth and long-term success. This includes:

  • Improvement in customer satisfaction scores
  • A reduction in support ticket volume
  • Enhanced product adoption
  • Lead generation increase
  • More renewals

Enabling your customer success strategy

Traditional classroom training has become archaic, and with new learning approaches being introduced at a rapid rate, digital learning and technology become a critical investment for your customer success teams if you want to meet and exceed expectations.

The tools you select must prepare your customers for the successful adoption of your product; and these new technologies must deliver online learning content that is engaging, relevant and useful. The technology should be able to monitor the use and efficacy of educational content by your customers and suppliers too.

Selecting the right platform can help you scale your learning programmes while bringing down costs and operational complexity. As well as being technically scalable for when your company grows and evolves, the platform should offer:

  • Quality user-experience – easy to access and navigate
  • Interoperability – for integration with other customer-facing systems
  • Analytics – for easy monitoring of user performance and engagement

At Sponge, we work with your product managers and customer success teams to make sure optimal product training is being delivered to your users.

We take the time to fully immerse ourselves in your organisation – understanding how your operation and products work and go to market. Our objective is always to help improve your relationships with your clients and support your customer success strategy.


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Channel learning for supplier education

Providing supplier training is just as important as customer education if you’re a larger organisation with supply chain teams that need to be knowledgeable about your products and processes.

Your suppliers may meet your end users so compelling product training is required to provide a consistent customer experience. Or they may or deliver goods and services to your organisation, so you may have a remit to ensure they're delivering to you in a consistent manner that streamlines workflows and minimises mistakes.

Supplier training can be made accessible on device, so you can reach workforces even beyond the walls of your organisation. By using our cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS), you’re able to deliver learning to hundreds of supply businesses – and they wouldn’t even need access to your internal LMS.

Investing in supplier elearning means your whole network can understand the challenges and responsibilities of your business and marketplace and represent your values when meeting your customers and provide an efficient service when supplying you with their goods and services.

Supplier training.

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