Exploring Learning Technologies - Make the Right Decision

Exploring learning technologies play a crucial role in the creation, enjoyment, deployment and measurement of digital learning solutions.

We have deep expertise in learning technology, and a little planning goes a long way. To avoid surprises and lay the foundation for the best possible roll-outs, we offer consultancy and workshops to support you with important learning tech decisions before you dive in.

Navigating learning technologies

For some organisations, technology is a minefield as new platforms and tools continually emerge. For others, it’s clearer – we need to comply with the existing ecosystem. Meanwhile, other companies are using learning projects as an opportunity to pilot innovative tech approaches, testing new ways to reach and connect their audience. We can help you whatever your starting point, some of our most established partnerships started out with us exploring learning technologies together!

If you need guidance in choosing and using the most appropriate authoring tool, we can also help with that. Our technical experts have run training in authoring tools all over the world, so if you’ve just invested in a technology and need some tips on using it effectively, or if you’re more experienced but want to push your skills to more advanced levels, let’s explore!

We can explore your learning technology needs in these areas:

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