Management and Performance Training for High-Impact Teams

Delivering management and performance training in your organisation can be a real challenge. Managers are busy – we get it. There’s little time for reflection and less time for stepping away from keeping the cogs turning. How can it fit into their time-pressured day, engage and support them so they bring out the best in their people?

Digital training goes a long way to addressing these challenges by providing flexible solutions and easy access for your managers. At Sponge, we have a range of content solutions from bespoke digital elearning to ready-to-go modules including Skillpill microlearning courses. What’s more, we have a powerful performance management system that can automate manual performance reviews and keep all your documents in one place.

Bespoke leadership and management training

Our bespoke elearning and blended online training programmes for management and performance are tailored exactly to your organisation’s needs. Bespoke programmes are particularly effective in addressing specific management challenges and helping to align all managers in their approach so your people are treated in a consistent manner. Digital learning solutions include:

  • Online bespoke diagnostics to assess skills and training requirements
  • Interactive video role plays and scenarios
  • Just-in-time learning
  • Blended learning as part of a company-wide management programme
  • Performance support

Online Learning Manager, Royal Mail

James Barton

"Our managers are taking real value away and making lasting changes to the way they approach difficult conversations."

Off-the shelf courses for managers

If you need your managers to get up to speed quickly, we have a range of ready-to-go online courses which include first-time management, coaching and mentoring, managing absence and fatigue.


Fit leadership and management training into your work day with Skill Pill

Specialising in behavioural soft skills and business management models, Sponge’s sister company, Skill Pill, offers over 500 high-impact microlearning courses.

The courses can be distributed via mobile devices, tablets and PCs, with learning taking the form of succinct animated videos, gamified mobile apps, quizzes and a range of social tools. They’re available in 20 languages with translation capabilities. Courses include:

  • Management shortcuts
  • Management & strategy 2GO
  • FastTrack
  • Graduate pack
  • New leader
  • New manager
  • Managing your team
  • Managing change
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Managing your work day

Partner & Solution Designer, Waitrose

Rozanne Powell-Lunt

"Working with Skill Pill has been such a pleasure, and so easy. Our learners love their resources which enhance our in-house offer perfectly. Brilliant Service."

Organising your training with a performance management review system

A key challenge when it comes to consistency is not having a centralised system for collecting and analysing performance training and management training results. There’s heavy reliance on manual collection of data and its review – a labour-intensive process that not a lot of professionals can find time for.

Our performance management review system, within Spark, is powered by cutting-edge technology, can automate manual performance reviews and is great for keeping all your documents in one place.

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