Measuring Learning Performance for Tangible Learner Results & ROI

We all want to know if learning has worked. Is it being used and making a difference to company performance? Effective learning strategies combine powerful solutions with measurement and evaluation so that it’s clear to understand – and share – the results of a learning investment.

Our approach to measuring learning ROI

There are many models for measuring learning. From LTEM to Kirkpatrick to Brinkerhoff’s Success Case Method, all place a slightly different emphasis on what matters when it comes to evaluation and transfer.

We take a holistic view and work closely with you to identify tangible data sources to enable measurement of learning performance. We use a framework to explore and define measures, which, when taken together, provides a complete picture of what’s working.


This is data that comes from systems. What has been clicked? How many times have people accessed content and for how long? This is useful but is often insufficient alone to show knowledge gained or transferred when measuring learning performance.


Building on utilisation, we next ask questions around how people react to the learning experience. Do they like, share, comment or find it useful?


We build a picture of knowledge attainment through pre and post-tests, questions and assignments. This is where the combination of our powerful LMS, Spark, and xAPI content built in Ignite come into their own. You can see all questions answered, number of attempts, analyse department and company averages and much more.


This is often the area that requires the most planning. We work with you to find methods to capture performance at scale and use surveys built into our Learning Management System to provide evidence of learning having taken place.


This is where we focus on tangible business impacts and assuring ROI. We explore the KPIs you aim to influence and the measurement of desired business outcomes over time.

We know you want a partner who can add value when it comes to learning measurement and evidence of performance improvement. Whether that’s finding new ways to track and report on learning activity using our Learning Record Store, or solving for real-time reporting during a campaign launch, we are here to discover and define this together.

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