Building a Sustainable Future Together with CSR Training

We stand shoulder to shoulder with all of our clients in the global fight against climate change. Like our clients, we recognise that every member of staff has a responsibility to minimise harm to the natural environment and communities in which we operate.

Although many business leaders recognise the importance of creating long-term value by taking a sustainable approach, building sustainability into an organisation’s DNA may require profound cultural shifts.


The impact of a sustainable approach across your organisation

A sustainability strategy impacts an organisation at all levels. At a senior level, it’s about grasping its strategic importance economically, socially and environmentally and how to lead others in this area.

It feeds into all departments such as Procurement when working with suppliers, HR when recruiting and training new starters and Finance when making sound sustainable decisions.

One of the key challenges is how to integrate this thinking into every employee’s job and turn a sustainable business model into business as usual – where everyone from the top executives to the shop-floor workers can apply this in their day to day work.

Bespoke digital training in sustainability

Sponge can create powerful and effective digital learning to embed knowledge and understanding of sustainability, addressing specific challenges within your organisation. These include:

  • Sustainability in recruitment, onboarding and induction
  • Sustainability best practice
  • Supply chain management
  • Systems and processes for integrating sustainability into business decisions
  • Understanding ethical and sustainability policies
  • How to measure and communicate progress on key sustainability indicators

Digital training as part of your sustainability strategy can help unite everyone around a higher social purpose and make our world a better place.

Build a sustainable approach with Sponge.

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