The Perfect Blend of Learning Creativity, Technology and Science

Whether it’s our bespoke solutions or ready-to-go content, everything we do is driven by what we know about how learning works – and uses our learning technologies to ensure highly adaptable, easy-access and demonstrably effective learning outcomes.

Our digital learning is always fresh, modern, imaginative. We design to fit learner needs, levels and locations – meeting them anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

But underneath, it’s driven by a clear sense of how learning works – and a real commitment to measurement, analysis and continuous improvement.

That’s the Sponge Way.

Why creativity matters

Discovery. Invention. Different thinking. And, dare we say it, innovation. Creativity at Sponge is the bedrock of our practice and we use it every day to generate ideas and solve the thorniest problems.

Good design is underpinned by four things:

  1. A deep understanding of the audience
  2. Clarity about the problem to be solved
  3. Imagination to envision an elegant solution
  4. The technical ability to bring the vision to life

Our job is good design. We don’t believe we’ve hit the mark until it’s desirable for learners, feasible to achieve whilst pushing ever-better ideas, and viable – it’s affordable and adds value to your organisation.

You’ll see our creativity in how we think, solve, collaborate and stay inspired.

It’s right here in our DNA.

Put our creativity to work.

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