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Imagination, invention, creation: the engineering and manufacturing sector shapes global infrastructure, mobility and our economy. We support your workforce with innovative engineering and manufacturing learning strategy to ensure your people are fit to lead the future. 

At Sponge, we've worked with engineering and manufacturing firms for over a decade. Across civil, agricultural, electrical, aerospace, energy and food and drink, we work closely with you to understand and address your performance needs.

Our engineering and manufacturing learning strategies for global engineering and manufacturing organisations will support what’s important to you – safe working conditions for capable people to do exceptional work without harming the planet. We can help you define that strategy and, importantly, deliver outstanding learning solutions that bring it to life.


Learning strategies for safe and healthy teams

In an environment where machinery, equipment and raw materials are used daily, people must be equipped to work safely. The biggest risk factor in operational safety is the human one and being trained adequately in safe operating procedures as well as behavioural factors is key to minimising accidents. 

Our highly creative bespoke learning strategies provide immersive learning experiences for those working in dangerous or inaccessible locations. Our solutions include elearningvideo, performance support for the flow of work and virtual and augmented reality.

Our ready-to-go elearning for global construction, manufacturing and engineering companies covers a range of health and safety topics. These include working at heights, noise protection, environmental awareness for construction, and manual handling.  

We also have a comprehensive compliance management system built into our Spark LMS, allowing you to easily see who is certified to work at any point in time.  

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Engineering and manufacturing learning strategy for leaders

Your people are a vital asset and in rapidly changing times, their development is more important than ever. We know how crucial it is to ensure they have the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to lead teams safely and productively. Launching well-timed training programs for Leaders can have a positive impact on your production process, employee wellbeing and safety records.

We’ve helped engineering and manufacturing companies drive performance improvements and effectiveness at all levels. We’re experts in onboardingdiversity and inclusion, and leadership development for any career stage. Take a look at our business performance and leadership course bundles from sister company Skillpill.  

Learning strategy to support digital transformation 

Our world is inextricably reliant on digital infrastructure and numerous factors are accelerating the demand for digital solutions. Manufacturing and engineering firms are responding by launching digital service offerings, exploring new areas of innovation and ramping up operational automation.  

We provide digital learning solutions that can be rolled out quickly, in all languages and on a platform that tracks and measures learner activity, allowing you to continuously improve.

Learning strategies for a sustainable enterprise 

One of key drivers in the engineering and manufacturing sector revolves around confidently confronting the broader social and environmental impact of the industry.  

Policies for sustainable working practices are large-scale and ambitious. No longer a side-show to core business strategy, sustainability is the strategy, giving purpose to the organisation.  

Building champions for your environmental objectives can be supported with experiential, consequential and persuasive learning strategies.  


Why choose Sponge for engineering and manufacturing learning strategy? 

Experience. We’ve worked in the sector for over a decade and understand your challenges. We partner for the long-term with and add value by growing a holistic understanding of your company.  

Integration. Our solutions mix high quality ready-to-go and bespoke content with platforms and tracking for the most effective learning.  

Creativity. We bring vision and ideas to complex and difficult topics and add animation, scenarios and infographics to enliven your content. We enjoy problem solving when it comes to learning solutions.

Future-focused. Our expertise in new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality makes us the perfect partner for your innovative learning projects.  

Creative engineering and manufacturing learning strategy.

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