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The way people learn with applied games is a perfect fit for business-critical compliance topics.

Our Sorted Range of applied training games use game-based learning to quickly build knowledge, mastery and confidence. They are cost-effective and measurable workplace solutions that employees will love to play whilst growing the necessary skills.

Gamified training gives people “small wins”, releasing endorphins and boosting their confidence – and at the same time, provides crucial knowledge that either helps them avoid pitfalls, or adds directly to your bottom line.

The Sorted range is accessible 24/7 through our gamified LMS, and the games are designed mobile-first and responsive, so they can be accessed from any device. They are also available as SCORM or Tin Can packages.

Explore the range:

Business benefits of applied games

Our Sorted games range brings the following benefits for your business:

  • High participation
  • Equipped for real world
  • High engagement
  • Risk-free compliance
  • Improved knowledge & awareness

Employee benefits of applied games

When it comes to your employees, they get:

  • A fun & enjoyable activity
  • Relevant & contextual knowledge
  • Empowered & self-directed learning
  • Safe space to practise
  • Mastery & progress

Choose from these applied games:

GDPR Sorted – A fast-paced and engaging applied game
Specifically designed to embed core GDPR principles across your business

Cybersecurity Sorted – Empower your people, protect your business
Make your staff the first line of defence against cyber threats

Anti-Bribery Sorted – Driving a transparent and ethical culture
Raise awareness and drive the right culture at every level of your business

Lara-Marie Rivers

"The fun, yet informative, nature of the games meant that colleagues were able to take in the key points of the training."

Deliver a serious message in a fun way.

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