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Criminal Finances Act 2017 eLearning module aims to train employees on prevention of the new Corporate Criminal Offences (CCO) when it comes to tax evasion.

New Corporate Criminal Offences, or CCO, were introduced by the Criminal Finances Act 2017 and they apply to any organisation that fails to prevent associated persons from criminally facilitating tax evasion.

The CCO meaning, in plain English, is as follows: a corporation can be held liable if its employees, or anyone providing services for or on their behalf, assist a taxpayer in evading their tax liabilities. Breaching the legislation is a criminal offence and penalties include unlimited fines. The potential for reputational damage is staggering.

The establishment of the CCO is a part of a clampdown by the UK Government, and particularly the HMRC, on financial crime and tax evasion. For a business, it is vital to show how your company manages the risk of tax evasion or facilitation of tax evasion by those connected to or associated with your business.

The HMRC has set out the key Six Guiding Principles in establishing a defence from prosecution, one of them being Communication and Training. The training should be proportionate to the risk faced by the individual employees and should be provided in clear and simple language. The CCO training needs to convey the key message that tax evasion and facilitation are broadly similar to financial fraud, and are characterised by dishonesty and concealment.

At Sponge, we have created the Criminal Finances Act 2017 elearning course, with interactive scenario-led training, to provide your employees with clear examples of what is and what isn't evasion. Practising what they should do in different situations, as well as the clear escalation routes to senior management, will give your staff confidence to deal with this potential pitfalls. The module includes assessments to check comprehension, improve knowledge retention and help imprint the training in the trainees' memory.

Fully online and interactive, this learning module is recommended together with our module on the prevention of money laundering crime. It is available 24/7, on any device, thanks to our next generation learning platform, Spark LMS.

Learning outcomes

  • Introducing members of staff to the recent CCO legislation
  • Explaining why CCO is important for your business
  • Enabling staff to assess the nature and the extent of your exposure to risk if prevention of facilitation has failed
  • Ensuring the staff is able to recognise and report suspicious incidents

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