Diversity & Inclusion Training Library, from Skill Pill

The workplace is more diverse, yet more dispersed than ever before. Is your diversity & inclusion training making an impact? 

Today, diversity and inclusion training must find new ways to combat a growing variety of issues, as well as new remote ways of working and their impact on workplace culture.

With our Diversity & Inclusion Skill Pills, your staff can access in-the-moment training to support their roles - based on expert research and advice drawn from the likes of Porter, Kotter, Blanchard, De Bono, Covey, Fosway, Mintzberg, McKinsey, BCG, and Kotler.

Diversity & Inclusion training for a healthier workplace culture:

  • Take the sting out of the D&I conversation and make it a growth-mindset topic
  • Enable constructive action on issues of representation in the workplace
  • Promote inclusive cultures for lasting change across your organisation

Diversity & Inclusion learning topics.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Library contains in-demand skills that match today’s business priorities:

  • Taking Anti-Bullying Action
  • Understanding and Promoting Anti-Racism
  • Neurodiversity at Work
  • Achieving Success with Inclusive Talent Management
  • Questions to ask Before Creating your Diversity and Inclusion Plan

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