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Conflict is sometimes inevitable, and managers need to be able to navigate it when it happens.

As a manager, you need to be able to address performance issues when they arise. This can also include managing diverse teams with different viewpoints and sometimes competing priorities. These are all potentially challenging situations that will result in difficult conversations.

The Difficult Conversations Elearning Course aims to equip new managers with the basic skills and knowledge they need to have difficult conversations with their team.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand what a difficult conversation is and the importance of engaging in them
  • Be able to plan for a difficult conversation
  • Use the facts of the situation to enable them to have a conversation in an impartial manner
  • Prepare themselves by enhancing their communication skills in the areas of listening, tone and body language
  • Check their self-belief against an actionable agenda enabling change where necessary
  • Manage the emotion in a meeting in a compassionate and kind way
  • Ensure that every conversation ends with actionable items that are followed-up on

Through this approach, the user will gain experience with difficult conversations by overcoming challenges and gaining wisdom from lessons learned for a variety of difficult situations.

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