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An incredible 40 million working hours are lost in the UK every week due to a lack of productivity. Productivity and profit are closely correlated: unproductive employees simply cost you money, and low production is also correlated with disorganisation, stress and lack of motivation.

Empower your employees to understand the misconceptions around productivity and enable them to create a plan for themselves to improve their personal effectiveness. By providing the right training, you can enable your employees to adopt the mindset which will translate into better productivity.

At Sponge, we have designed the Productivity elearning course to support employer and employee in understanding the importance of productivity in the workplace. You can enhance productivity without causing stress or dissatisfaction by providing good practices to be more productive, avoid distraction and prioritise between tasks according to urgency and importance.

Fully interactive and online, available 24/7 on any device, with no time limits – all made possible by our state-of-the-art LMS, and with an assessment at the end. A certificate can be downloaded upon completion of this course.

Course outline

  • Meet Percival Schreeks
  • Why does productivity matter?
  • What prevents Percival from getting more done?
  • How can Percival be more productive?
  • Allocate tasks for Productivity
  • You can be more productive

Learning outcomes

  • Be able to find out the benefits of becoming more productive
  • Understand the misconceptions around productivity
  • Know what they need to do in order to be more productive
  • Be able to allocate tasks for productivity

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