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Even outwith exceptional circumstances, your employees will sometimes need to work from home, or perform remote work. As such, they will encounter various challenges, such as the lack of productivity or motivation, distraction or loneliness.

Remote working is a popular trend in modern businesses and many high-profile companies have embraced the practice. However, challenges such as the well-being of your staff and the productivity of your business need to be addressed by providing training and guidance for first time or novice remote workers who have no or little remote working experience. Managing remote workers can require a different approach to removal of obstacles, for both first-time managers, as well as senior leadership.

At Sponge, we have developed the Remote Working elearning course to help companies looking to ease concerns around the remote readiness of their employees. This module will focus on the key principles to remote working success such as establishing rituals, remote tools, maintaining team community, setting yourself up for success and working in an outcome-based culture. Through the course of this module we will provide the base understanding of what’s required to stay healthy and productive through remote work.

Our other modules, such as Lone Working, Productivity or the Well-being suite of modules will help your employees stay on top of their workload and their own physical and psychological wellness throughout adverse situations and challenges. Asigning training on remote working to your employees is one way to boost your business resilience and ensure the success of your business continuity plan.

Fully online and interactive, available 24/7 on any device, thanks to our state-of-the-art, responsive and cloud based Learning Managment System, Spark. Upon completing the module, your trainees will be able to download a certificate.

Learning outcomes

  • Differentiate between ‘remote working’ and ‘working from home’
  • Debunk common myths relating to remote working and remote workers
  • Define the pros and cons of remote working in relation to both work and life
  • Identify if you are fully prepared to be a remote worker
  • Prepare your remote working space to achieve maximum productivity
  • Flexibly plan your daily schedule in order to meet targets and expectations
  • Establish your own rituals that will contribute to the overall big picture
  • Use the right tools to schedule, plan and communicate with your remote team

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