Leadership Training Library, from Skill Pill

Can your leaders handle the challenges and situations of the ‘new normal’ workplace?

The ‘new normal’ of work is throwing up situations that leaders and workplaces have never dealt with before: difficult discussions around Covid, announcing changes that impact employees, keeping the balance sheet healthy, and an intense battle to hold onto talent, to name a few.

With our Leadership Skill Pills, your leaders and managers can access in-the-moment training to support their decision making – based on expert research and advice drawn from the likes of Porter, Kotter, Blanchard, De Bono, Covey, Fosway, Mintzberg, McKinsey, BCG, and Kotler.

Point-of-need learning that drives leadership performance:

  • Know how to build, support, and grow talent in the face of uncertainty
  • Project confident and empathic leadership around sensitive topics
  • Mobilise your strategy with soft skills needed to win over the business

What could leaders learn? 

  • How to Lead a Global Team
  • Stepping up to Leadership
  • Performance Management: Achieving Team Success
  • How to Drive Enterprise
  • What You Need to Know about Execution Intelligence (XQ)

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