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Leadership and Management eLearning courses by Sponge are designed to enable managers on all levels to proactively implement behaviours and strategies to keep their teams engaged and motivated.

When managers are equipped with the leadership skills and confidence to implement behaviours and strategies to improve productivity, they do not feel like a fish out of water if they have to deal with performance issues, employee absence or difficult conversations. They are able to create a more positive work environment and address conflict, leading to a happier and ultimately more productive workforce, which in turn contributes to the business' overall success.

Effective and strong leadership is essential for today’s working environment, however, in a recent survey, more than a third of companies in the US admitted that they have no or barely adequate leadership development programs. Leadership elearning courses can provide a fast-track and cost-effective solution to this challenge.

Leadership is a skill that can and should be regularly developed within organisations, as it inspires people to live the vision, mission and company values. The development programmes benefit both the firm and the employees, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities to grow, and with the right toolkit, a positive return on investment.

Our Management and Leadership ready-to-go courses:

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Effective leadership advantages

The advantages of having effective leadership are: improved ability of the workforce to succeed under pressure, growth in confidence in your team, improved innovation and creativity, to name a few.

Putting in place a Leadership Development Program enables your company to succeed long-term and should seamlessly fit into an overall development strategy.

Leadership ready-to-go courses

At Sponge we have developed a group of ready to go elearning courses that are specifically designed for management and leadership training.

They include real-life scenarios, role playing and other interactive and engaging activities. Available 24/7, on any device and in different languages, accessible through our state-of-the-art LMS, and with certificates available upon successful completion of the modules.

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