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Our off-the-shelf elearning courses combine cutting-edge technology and the expertise of in-house specialists and designers.

Our collection of responsive off-the-shelf elearning modules has been designed as a mobile-first experience, meaning your learners benefit from engaging, multi-device learning, deployed at the drop of a hat to meet the most critical challenges organisations face.

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Health and wellbeing are closely linked to productivity as well as an organisation's long-term effectiveness. At Sponge, we have created a series of wellbeing modules to help you achieve and maintain your best state of mind.

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Forecourt (with Suresite)

Staff on the forecourt face potentially hazardous situations during every working day at petrol stations. Sponge has, in partnership with Suresite, created elearning courses providing forecourt employees with the knowledge necessary to be safe and compliant, whilst providing excellent customer service. Choose from:

We deliver the leading elearning content through our Learning Management System (LMS) and we use the best contemporary features, like gamification, eLearning translation, microlearning, blended learning, and rapid eLearning development.

Off-the-shelf elearning modules are easily deployed through our Learning Management System (LMS), and focus on some of the most important and popular areas of workforce training. Many of our modules  can be used individually, or as building blocks to create a complete training solution.

Created by educational professionals at Sponge, the focus of these courses is to get the trainees involved, engaged and invested in learning. The realistic scenarios, immersive stories and a multitude of interactions ensure compliance and drive behavioural changes. All of the courses are responsive - which means they can be completed on any device, at a pace, place and time of the learner's choosing.

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