Sales & Customer Service - Off The Shelf Elearning Courses

Effective sales and customer service elearning courses set your learners up for success, contribute to your business objectives being met, and, most importantly, help you to attract and retain customers. Our multi-device training means your staff can improve their skills via their tablet or smartphone, at their convenience.

Customer Service and Sales elearning courses provide staff with skills necessary for delivering exceptional service throughout the customer journey, from understanding customer requirements, to closing a sale or even dealing with a customer complaint.

Sales and Customer Service elearning for disparate teams

If you have a disparate team, you know how costly training can be and how logistically difficult it can be to organise. Our intuitive platform, Spark LMS can host the ready-to-go elearning modules, and because they are device-agnostic and responsive, your customer service and sales teams can access them anywhere, when it works for them. It even allows for pre-testing, so the learner can see quickly where the gaps are in their knowledge and where they need to improve to enhance their performance.

When it comes to growing your business, customer experience is a key differentiator in sales success. At Sponge, we have created Customer Service elearning courses that will enable employees to master key skills in any customer service or sales role.

Our Sales and Customer Service ready-to-go courses:

  • Active Selling
  • Wine Selling
  • Beer Selling
  • Customer Service Wholesale
  • Customer Service Retail

Explore more about our Sales and Customer Service courses below or view all of our off the shelf elearning courses. Or, check out our bespoke sales and product knowledge digital learning, here.

Sales courses to discover customers' needs

Sales courses train your employees to focus on understanding the customer profile, how to interact with them most effectively to build a relationship, and how your business can deliver the products or services that they require.

To create an effective sales team two things are important: knowledge (within their industry, sector, brand etc.) and sales and skills (pricing, negotiation, relationship building etc.). Discovering customers' needs, having a dialogue involving open-ended questioning and using active listening are all essential skills.

We provide online training which enables a consultative approach to sales and requires the learner to constantly request feedback. This will assist them to ask the right questions at the right time - a needs-focused selling approach.

Customer service courses

Great customer service is part skill and part art.

Empowering your employees to understand this concept can add considerably to your bottom line. The right training provides those skills for your staff, whether they are in retail or wholesale. Studies have shown that customer experience is the key to winning customers – in a recent survey, 86% of buyers said they would happily pay more for a better customer service.

Sponge have developed Sales and Customer Service elearning courses to empower your staff, ensuring that they understand optimal selling techniques and appreciate the importance of providing your customers with high standards of customer service.

Our Sales and Customer Service elearning courses are cost-effective and time efficient. They’re fully interactive, accessible on any device, 24/7 with no time limits, and each has an assessment at the end so you can understand the ability of your workforce. A certificate can be downloaded upon successful completion of each elearning module.

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