Microlearning for High-demand Skills

Learning and Development is an ever-changing world, and at Skill Pill we stay one step ahead of it. We create impactful microlearning content and elearning courses that target high-demand skills for organisations. Driven by the Action Learning methodology, we understand that the modern learner wants a bite sized course and needs solutions in the flow of work.

Central to Skill Pill is an elearning course library of over 500 microlearning courses. These microlearning modules are organised into a framework of over 30 skills, including Communication, Digital Transformation and Diversity and Inclusion.


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Our Action Learning Methodology

Skill Pill’s approach is not ‘one-size-fits-all’. We are not top-down or pedagogical when it comes to learning activities. Instead, our impactful learning solutions are driven by Action Learning. This puts the learner in the driving seat, encouraging them to take control and learn and reflect at their own pace.

At Skill Pill, this methodology is delivered to learners through a range of elements, which are overlayed onto the video animation. All Skill Pill elements can be sub-divided into either impact, high-impact or collaborative learning:

CORE Impact Learning

  • Quiz assessments
  • Action worksheets
  • Digital flashcards

ENGAGE High Impact Learning

  • Case studies
  • Action learning infographics
  • Further reading
  • Audio casts
  • Text nuggets

INTERACTIVE Collaborative Learning

  • EKO feedback tool
  • Collaborative widget
  • Adaptive algorithm to suggest related courses

Our skills library

Skill Pill microlearning content has been developed and refined in association with our content partners – Pearson Education, The Financial Times and Kogan Page. Quality is our by-word – from the originating of content, through instructional design methodology, to our high production values and delivery.

All Skill Pill microlearning courses have been organised into a selection of core skills that every organisation needs to perform. They also make the process of mapping content to business needs more efficient and allow us to apply our content to any set of learning requirements.

This is true for the upskilling of individual learners, as well as the filling of skill gaps within an organisation. This focus on short bursts and speed paves the way for a dynamic skills-based approach.

The Skill Pill library features a series of microlearning courses on the following topics:

  • Communication
  • Building Superteams
  • Wellbeing and Stress Management
  • Data Visualisation and Storytelling
  • Sales
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Digital Transformation
  • Continuous Performance & Improvement

Our library of microlearning modules also includes the following 'Skills of the Future', for plugging future skill gaps and enabling continuous learning in the modern workplace, which HR departments can easily adopt as microlearning strategies within your company:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Analytics/Data Science
  • UX and Web Design
  • AI and Deep Learning
  • Digital Marketing

Language provision for microlearning modules

Our content is enjoyed by a global audience in over 160 countries. So far, we have subtitled microlearning courses into over 25 languages and have produced over 600 animated videos in localised languages. These include:
French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Indonesian
(Malay or Bahasa), Korean, Mandarin (Chinese simplified), Japanese and Hindi.

We take pride in our ability to meet any language’s needs with either localised or subtitled content.


The Skill Pill team understand the technical challenges involved in the rolling out of digital learning. Both the quality of the content as well as the creative flair they bring has helped in the overall project’s success!
Zurich Insurance

Skill Pill provides an outstanding solution that allows the participants to refresh their learning through vignettes of key points.
London Business School

It’s been fantastic working with Skill Pill. Your creativity and collaborative approach are genuinely refreshing – you make it very easy for us to work with you!

We were delighted with this campaign. It looked great and created a buzz among our sales teams. It had a real impact!
Dell EMC

It has been a fantastic experience working with the team at Skill Pill and we hope to continue this relationship through future microlearning projects!
Amnesty International

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