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Resilience, or more precisely, emotional resilience is a term that defines the ability to stay calm in crises or chaotic situations and bounce back quickly from setbacks.

Building resilience - developing psychological and behavioural capabilities to move on from incidents without long-term negative consequences can be taught and developed.

Also known as "positive adaptation" after a stressful or adverse situation, psychological resilience can be built through mindfully changing basic behaviours and thought patterns, starting with negative self-talk. Sponge's Resilience module teaches learners how to reframe their mindset from "fixed" to "growth" mindset, how to replace the negative self-talk and how to foster stress resilience when faced with challenges, crises, and emergencies.

The target audience for resilience training is any employee who would like to grow their resilience skills at work and perform better under pressure. This module aims to enable the user to make more resilient choices and overcome challenges more easily.

Learning outcomes

  • Apply a growth mindset to problems
  • Overcome setbacks more readily
  • Understand that there is ‘no such thing as failure’
  • Use modal operators (positive words) that reflect a resilient attitude
  • Make decisions based on a positive, confident attitude

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