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Delivering memorable, effective learning experiences across a range of authoring tools depending on what your business needs.

We've been creating beautiful award-winning digital learning content for over 15 years and our creative teams are known for pushing the boundaries with every project we deliver. We have gone one step further and have created our own in-house authoring tool, Ignite, which keeps our creative teams at the forefront of what is possible in digital learning.


Ignite, our intuitive and responsive elearning authoring tool, enables us to create content rapidly and at scale. It is our go-to system for creating great engaging learning but we recognise that companies who have invested in other authoring tools are looking for solutions that will allow them to build upon and maintain the solutions we craft, like for example, HTML5 elearning games. Where companies have the need for services using other content authoring tools, we have a wealth of experience and will work with you to create an experience that transforms learning in your business. Find out more about:

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