Gamification-Ready Learning Management System

Gamified learning incorporates game mechanics into learning, by adding features commonly found in games into the process: e.g high scores, levels, achievements, immediate feedback loops and time pressure. By including these elements into learning, you’re tapping into intrinsic motivators all human beings possess: autonomy, mastery and purpose.

When acquiring information, learners are often passive observers. Information-heavy training makes trainees disengage, resulting in low motivation to learn and poor knowledge retention.

With gamified learning, users engage visually through the training, opening new levels and new courses upon completion of the previous ones. Their learning experience is enhanced by gaining points, awards, badges or scores on a leaderboard. We deliver both off-the-shelf gamified courses, as well as bespoke gamified modules.

Personalising your gamified learning experience

Spark LMS provides not only the gamification engine but also Learning Kingdom functionality to provide the visual interface that sequences training to a personalised learning path. This allows for progress and feedback to be graphical conveyed in an environment of your choosing to engage your learning population.

Engage your learners to become active participants.

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