The Learning Performance Platform.

Unlock greater ROI, efficiency and effectiveness for learning that works.

See the true impact of your digital learning programmes in real time, enterprise-wide, prove where investment is paying off, and use data to justify requirements for further training. 


The new standard of sophistication in learning performance tracking.

Sponge’s Learning Performance Platform combines new technology with expert consultancy to enable the streaming of detailed, question-level data from programmes of digital learning. By observing the way learners engage down to specific questions, topics, and tasks, learning leaders can get a much more targeted view of how well their learning interventions are performing.

Predict & prevent people-generated risk
Discover leading indicators of problem behaviours and target them with focused training interventions before they escalate.

Zero-in on areas where better performance can be unlocked
Maximise the impact your learning programmes have on the bottom line, with insight-driven training.

Identify where your learning budget is yielding the best results
Invest in ways that serve your global audiences better, every year, through clear, sophisticated metrics.


The Learning Performance Platform.

Choose to enhance your elearning with Sponge’s Learning Performance Platform: delivering a new standard of sophistication in tracking learning performance.


Sponge Data Trace.

Data streaming technology, embedded in your custom learning, during build.

Data Trace extracts and streams data on learner behaviour as learners engage, collecting a range of data points per question or task.


Sponge Analytics.

A subscription platform that presents the data collected as users learn.

The platform provides a single, digestible view of KPI metrics, and granular detail of how learners are engaging.


Sponge Insights.

A consultancy service that identifies the critical insights from your streamed data.

Experts in our in-house consultancy, the Practice, provide quarterly reports and workshops, with recommended actions to improve outcomes.

How it works.

We’re on a mission to change the way corporate learning is deployed, world-wide, from the ‘build-and-broadcast’ model we have today, to the ‘launch-measure-iterate’ model of the future. The Learning Performance Platform uses sophisticated insights to show where learning is making the most impact, across any learning topic, enterprise-wide.

1. Build with Data Trace.
Have your custom learning project authored with our in-built technology, which extracts a deep range of data points, down to question and task level.

2. Data Stream.
From the minute of launch, data on learner behaviour is extracted in a live stream as learners engage with the content.

3. View Analytics.
Data is fed into our LMS-agnostic platform, Sponge Analytics, where it is immediately processed and visualised.

4. Get expert Insights.
Our expert consultants in the Practice analyse the data, finding emergent trends and recommending actions that will help improve outcomes.

Make your year-on-year (YOY) training better, every year, and prove it.


Build custom learning with Data Trace.
Immediate, digestible performance insights.
Guide future learning design with insights delivered through Analytics & Consultancy.

Use insights to inform Year 2 design.
Easy YOY Reporting & Benchmarking.
Compare performance of flagship learning roll outs, year on year… even if they’re on different topics!

If you have mandatory training you refresh every year, our Performance Platform gives you clarity on what is and isn’t working to inform next year’s design, and then makes it easy for you to report on YOY performance.

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Plugs into your existing learning ecosystem.


LMS agnostic.

The full Performance Platform is available for any LMS, bolting on to make KPI reporting on large-scale learning releases easy and repeatable.



Data Trace™ is suitable for custom learning built in Articulate Rise, Articulate Storyline, and Ignite.


Subject-matter agnostic.

The Performance Platform works with any subject matter. The more learning you plug into it, the more you can analyse your learning culture, across topics and teams, organisation-wide.


Unlock greater ROI, efficiency and effectiveness.

1. Get one, collated view
See real-time progress on large-scale learning launches in a single view, no matter your LMS’s shortcomings.

2. Get data on indicators of risk, behaviour change & culture
See how learners are performing in tasks that indicate the likelihood of behaviour change beyond the learning environment.

3. Enable quick iterations & improvements
Insights derived from ongoing consultancy with the Practice give clear action points for course-adjustments, quick-fix interventions, and YOY, data-informed improvements to learning strategy.

4. Question-level insights
Capture data right down to how people behave in response to specific questions, topics and tasks, giving you clarity on how and where complex training launches are landing.

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Why the Learning Performance Platform?


Performance analysis without

  • Inconsistencies in data capture make YOY comparisons difficult.
  • Difficult to prove investments in ‘better’ learning are yielding better results.
  • Limited visibility of how the workforce is responding to training.


Performance analysis with

  • Demonstrate ROI for L&D or training investment.
  • Drive improved workforce performance.
  • Provide the right training when and where it’s needed, at speed.

Stop firefighting, stop guessing. Give your people the superpowers they need.

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